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The Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Excessive use of anything is disastrous. It is not healthy to take excess measure of alcohol per day.For instance, the intake of one glass of wine after meals has no healthy negative effects. Food digestion is aided by the right intake of wine. The pleasure of alcohol is only taking a limited sip per day. If you are not able to discipline yourself to take glass or less per day, it will be good you stop it.The cumulative effects of drinking wine, or other type of alcohol leads to an inability to stop drinking and controlling yourself. Alcohol obsession makes you a prisoner and your time and mind is concentrated to it. Alcohol addiction has utter effects to one’s life and daily activities.

Alcoholism is the cause of men becoming undependable in our families. Family and marriage separation is as a result of increased cases of alcoholism, that is why there are many streets kids, due to neglect. The reason why we have many single mothers today, is due to domestic violence affecting women in our families, because alcoholism has taken control of our families.The violence against women in our families is mainly associated with alcohol.The women also who have become alcohol addicts do not maintain their marriages because they do not take care of their children and husbands.This has resulted to many men looking for side-chicks to take care of them. It is true the infidelity will lead to family breakup.

Alcoholism is the main cause of increasing cases of motorist accidents our roads. If the accidents are not happening we could not be having many children dying very early without fulfilling their dreams. The severe threats on our roads today due to fatal accident is alcoholism. We can reduce fatal accidents on our roads by stopping alcoholism. Liver cirrhosis and serious heart diseases are caused by alcoholism.

When alcohol holds you captive, you will not be able to maintain your job because you will not be able to meet the set goals and objectives. No employer is ready to employ alcohol addicts because even their social and moral behavior will affect the image of the company. Financial instability is experienced in our families and the country at large to this.

To maintain your social well-being, physical and mental, you need to stop drinking. Your personal life and public relations are distorted and even your friend does not want to be associated with you. Due to the hazardous effects of alcohol, it good to stop drinking. If you want to manage life well, stop drinking.It is difficult to get out of alcohol siege but there are several rehab centers that can help stop drinking.

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