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Things to Know About IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects the intestines, showing no evidence of illness but results in discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating, and abdomen pain of varying degree. The pain of IBS can vary from a throbbing feeling too sharp cramping sensations. patients often complain that it feels like they got punched in the stomach or stepped on a by an elephant. No sickness has been found to be as a result of IBS, but it is disturbing to the sufferer.

IBS is A term that refers to the abnormal bowel function that cannot be proved by lab examination, blood tests or X-rays. Health experts say that those who live with IBS simply have more sensitive digestive tracts. The digestive tracts respond quickly to negative stimulus unlike those for people without this condition. IBS can be triggered by eating greasy or fatty foods, some kinds of medications, depression, gas, stress lack of exercise, and so on.

Human digestive system have a nervous system that is separate from the brain and does not depend on the brain to function properly. Intestine are capable of reacting to different stimulus on its own.

Unfortunately, IBS affects everyone in different ways and therefore there is no cure-all treatment. There used to be a treatment for IBS called Lotronex. Lotronex was banned for use due to its harmful effects to the users which to some it leads to their death. Other antispasmodic medications are being used t treat IBS especially when other treatments do not work. Those suffering from IBS should adapt foods that are rich in fiber and take a lot of water and exercise regularly. Individuals with IBS should avoid certain foods like dairy, cabbage, beans, sorbitol, artificial sweeteners, and fructose.

Probiotic foods are very important for IBS patients to decrease gas levels and lower the dangerous bacteria. Many doctors advocate for the probiotics methods when one has been treated using colon cleansers. Colon cleansers are highly recommended as they are non-artificial, are not risky to use and provide relief to IBS and related signs. Using colon cleansers containing psyllium or psyllium is the best way to get your colon back to normal quickly.

Colon cleansing will provide relief for bloating, water retention, and other symptoms due to IBS. Health experts recommend colon cleanser to all people to help them have a healthy colon. IBS is a tough condition to have especially because getting its cure is hard. However, with good diet, exercise, plenty of water, and regular colon cleansing it can be managed.

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