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Using Pineapples for the Relief of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Discomforts

Natural foods that we consume daily have healing properties that can help our bodies to recover from minor ailments and help in the recovery process.

If we eat food in the right proportions and also the right ones, the vitamins and minerals therein can strengthen our bodies. This good habit can also aid in improving digestion. An improved digestive system is itself a prerequisite for healing. when there is effective digestion of food, vitamins and minerals are well absorbed, and they aid in repairing other body systems. This is essentially true for people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

One food that can remedy symptoms for IBS sufferers is pineapple. It aids in digestion. Take a fresh pineapple and eat it while fresh. Make sure you only eat ripe pineapples though. There is a harmful chemical contained in unripe pineapples that can cause sudden and serious purging. If you cant have fresh pineapple in your area, you can also use the canned variety. Peal the pineapple generously. Remove the crown, the rind, the core and the eyes.

The eyes can be easily removed if you cut the pineapple crosswise. The flesh is the only part that you consume. Fresh, chilled pineapple is delicious and very refreshing.

Do not overeat pineapples because they can cause fiber balls to form in your intestinal tract. In right quantities it has a healing effect.
The acid in pineapples can irritate the tip of your tongue. You can, however, rub a little amount of salt on the pineapple before eating it to reduce this effect. You could also soak the pineapple in salty water for a short while before eating. Withcanned pineapples, this undesirable effect doesn’t come to play since its already soaked in syrup.

Pineapple contains cleansing and diuretic effects. It aids in ridding the body of toxins. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain and also high amounts of vitamin C. Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that can bring relief to patients suffering from gout pain, arthritis and also sore throat. It aids in healing wounds like after surgery or injury. There is a belief also that pineapple has micro-nutrients which protect one from cancer, can also break clots thus protecting the brain from stroke and the heart. Pineapple is a reputable food for killing worms.

Immediately after eating lunch or dinner, ensure you take a piece of pineapple and you will notice the difference in your digestion. This means that a proper digestion will result to less gas, less burping and a more stomach discomforts all which are symptoms of Irritable Bowel Disease. If you struggle with IBS you should consider taking a slice or two of pineapple daily.

You can also blend the pineapple into a juice. If you tolerate milk products well, you can add yoghurt or milk to make a lassi drink. You can add water or ice to your drink but don’t add sugar.

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