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4 Lies Told About Online Marketing

According to Peter Spann, there are several myths that surround website marketing. The problem is that small and medium-sized businesses that don’t get the facts right about web marketing are unable to make the most out of it.

This article explores some of the myths that could be stopping you from optimizing the internet to advance your business objectives:

SEO is No Longer Viable and You May Do Without It

It is not correct to suggest that SEO is no longer a viable online marketing approach. The truth is that SEO has only changed for the better as search engines like Google tweak their crawlers and indexing algorithms with a view to providing users with the best search experience. Remember that several years ago responsive design wasn’t a primary SERP consideration, but you can’t ignore it today–so include it in your web marketing strategy to cope with any SEO upgrades.

Massive Web Traffic is All You Need

Obviously, the main objective of SEO is to maximize visits to your enterprise site. However, there are times when a lot of traffic adds no value, and if anything, slows you down, according to Peter Spann business marketing insights. Thus, pay attention to the value of the traffic, not just the numbers. The quality of the traffic you’re getting depends on where it’s coming from. Is this traffic coming from buyers actively looking for your products, or mere traffic spam and guys being paid to check out your site?

Social Media is Not Viable for Your Type of Business

With a social media strategy, you can boost any other marketing content you’ve published online. For instance, you may use Facebook or Twitter to share an article posted your business website and have more people read it, widening brand exposure. Some business people are under the impression that social media is not ideal for their line of work, which is why they may choose not to have any social media presence. In the end, the proprietors fail to optimize a platform via which they may grow their customer-base.

Stuff Keywords and All is Good

While keywords are still important SEO components, they must be used appropriately and naturally. As such, deploying a keyword in every few statements never translates to better search engine visibility or more web visits. The reality is that keyword stuffing for your web content is an acceptable SEO shortcut that’s likely to get your web pages banned by Google.

Whatever you do, just don’t buy any online marketing falsehood! In case your online marketing approach falls short of your objectives or you think you’re not doing it right, Peter Spann is there to provide in-depth insights.

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